Sunday, 15 December 2013

Become an Author!

Hey guys, Choc here with a really cool position open for anyone wanting to become an author.
I'm letting anyone who has some experience be an author on this blog!
Here are the rules;

You can ONLY post updates and sneak peeks that are Space Heroes Universe related or mobile game related (AKA Jetpack Jinx & Cake Bake Blitz). 

DO NOT post useless stuff like pictures of your cat or whatever.

You MIGHT be able to be a moderator on the Xat Bloggers Chat Group.

Just comment below or email me ( telling me why you want to be an author and also if you've had any experience with being an author.
Don't forget to give me your email and Hero name so I can invite you and I know who you are!

Thanks heaps for your help!!



  1. Pls Make Me An Author (WISHING) (TRHOWS AN COIN IN A WELL)

  2. me my name on shu is bella charlotte i have experience to be uthor its on aea shu blogspot

  3. Hey choclate its me Marine Violet my email is here ...... , plz make me an author ... i wan be an author coz i having very interesting news u will also like them ... plz make me ....
    --- Marine Violet :)

  4. hey chocolate its me duke my email is, i want to be an author coz i am a author on justice girl blog and i also have a huge youtube channel.. i request pls make me author

  5. Hi Choc! I'm Super Olivia and I hope you remember me! I wish I can join.. Wait I forgot to tell you my email= now I told you already. Pls make me authoress.. I have been auther on 3 blogs I think and I want to add it. Bye!